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Guidance & Information

Thank you for choosing to apply for your reference online. It is important that you complete the application form as soon as possible, to ensure there are no delays.
If you are applying for an Instant Credit Search only the below information does not apply to you.
This document contains the information you require in order to complete your application form. If you are being referenced as a Guarantor, the information stated below will also apply to you.
Please ensure all fields are completed and all telephone numbers are correct, including any dialing codes. If possible please provide email addresses to speed up the referencing process.

Listed below is the information required for completing your application form:
  • Please complete your personal details, including your National Insurance Number (if applicable) and then continue on to the next page
  • Enter your current address and any previous address’ to cover a twelve month period. You will also be required to supply your living arrangement details for these addresses and any contact details for Managing Agents/Landlords/Local Authorities so we can obtain a reference.
  • Select your employment status from the drop down box and complete the relevant information as requested. Please provide landline telephone numbers and email addresses so we can contact your referees. If you are self employed and have an accountant, you will be required to supply the requested contact details.
  • You are now required to enter details of a next of kin, excluding a referee already supplied in your application, joint tenant and spouse.
  • Once you have agreed to our declaration and noted any further comments which may be relevant to your application please 'submit application'.

To increase efficiency and speed up the process of your application, we will email or post references automatically where the relevant contact details have been supplied. This is a system process which is activated immediately once the application has been submitted.

4-5 Quay Point, Northarbour Road, Portsmouth,
Hampshire, PO6 3TD
Tel: 02392 315191
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